Sunday, 24 April 2011

Dunham Massey............... the house and gardens

Dunham Massey

 Lake at the entrance
 Orangery in the formal gardens
The house has a beautiful interior
Robes worn to the coronation of King George VI the father of our Queen

A selection of of the family silver
The Family Crest....A Unicorn to the right and a Lion to the left...but with a mans head.
"Set in a magnificent 121-hectare (300-acre) deer park, this Georgian house tells the story of the owners and the servants who lived here. Discover the salacious scandals of the 7th Earl of Stamford, who married Catherine Cocks, a former bare-back circus rider, and the 2nd Earl of Warrington, who was so enamoured with his wife that he wrote a book anonymously on the desirability of divorce! Uncover these and other fascinating stories when you explore this treasure-packed house, then take a stroll in one of the North’s great gardens, including Britain’s largest winter garden.".

A teaser taken from the National Trust website.
I have added a link to the Wikipedia site for those interested in reading more about the history of Dunham.


Fotokarusellen said...

A great post. The Library is my favorite. Must be a very beautiful place.

texwisgirl said...

too funny on the 'scandals' that inhabited the place!

love the lake shot! so still!

Gary said...

Another super tour Andrew!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Dave said...

Nice post Andrew.

Its been a few years since my last visit, your images show it off incredibly well. You should send them to the owners for future publishing.

Valerie said...

Hi, these are lovely pictures. I've never had the pleasure of visiting Dunham Massey; it looks as if I've missed a lot.

Marias Teater said...

Very historical!
as I love water I choose nr 2 - giving peace to my soul. I believe I rather stayed in deer park... but I see how beautiful the house is..

grammie g said...

Hi Andrew...Just caching up, after Easter Weekend at my daughters!!
Your posts of Dunham Massey both where wonderful, great history, culture, royalty, and photos that show some of these things to!!( and of course scandal) everybody loves a little scandal!!
If I had a history teacher in school like you I would have payed more
Thanks for sharing,enjoying very much!!