Saturday, 23 April 2011

Good Friday...................... was a very good friday

Dunham Massey Sawmill biult in 1616
  I had a lovely day visiting one of my local National Trust properties. Dunham Massey.
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The beautiful weather we are currently getting in the UK combined with a holiday weekend meant visitors had arrived in great numbers and the picnic area was very busy.
 I heard figures of 2000 visitors mentioned.

Picnicking at Dunham Massey
Elizabethan Sawmill...1616
Peace and quiet could be found by walking through the grounds and away from the masses.
Dunham has a water driven Elizabethan sawmill originally built in 1616 that has been restored to full working order.
I have added a couple of clips of the Saw....The Dunham Ripper in action.

The working mill was lovely to see.
 Dunham has extensive grounds and covers many acres.
I decided to walk away from the crowds and into the woodlands.
There is an area of the park cordoned off from the public so the deer herd can wander around in peace.

This building in the woods was the Slaughter House.
The venison for the table of the house was butchered here.
Not easy to spot but I managed to see and photograph some of the deer.

It was a beautiful day and I really enjoyed myself.
Dunham Massey is steeped in history and I will be adding more images of the gardens and interior soon. 


texwisgirl said...

The sawmill is so neat! Thanks for the clips so we could get a true visual of how it works!

The last photo of the deer and that gorgeous tree sweeping down is perfect! You have such lovely places to visit!

Marianne, aka Ranger Anna said...