Sunday, 7 November 2010

Waxwings..........................................a first for me

I had heard reports that Waxwings (a life bird for me) had been seen in Kelsall over the last couple of days at the carpark on Yeld Lane so I made the short journey over there today.  As I drove into the car park i saw other birders/photographers there already so I was hopeful of seeing these beautiful birds.
A quick chat and yes they were about, then suddenly a small flock (just over 20 birds) appeared from behind us and landed on a dead tree just down the lane opposite the carpark. I managed to get a few record shots but they were out of reach for anything more than that with my kit.

A lot of walkers (the carpark is near to the Sandstone Trail) were out enjoying the lovely weather we had this morning and were delighted to be informed about the Waxwings....... Me?.. dead chuffed a lovely bird to see.
I have added a link to the RSPB website for more Waxwing info.

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Dave said...

top stuff Andrew, a super bird to be seeing this time of year, just leaves you wanting more