Saturday, 13 November 2010

Waxwings revisited..........................still at Kelsall

I returned to Kelsall again this morning bringing my scope this time and the Waxwings didn't disappoint.

I had some lovely views in the bright sunshine and was able to really study these beautiful birds close up. I managed to get some more record shots, this time with a tripod. As I viewed the Waxwings a Robin followed me up and down the hedgerow and for his pluck I have added a portrait.

A great morning with lovely weather and I even had views of Gresty Road the home of Crewe Alexandra FC from my vantage point that did surprise me.

My friendly Robin


carp4u said...

Hello, I'm an amateur wildlife photographer, owner of largely based in Kelsall. Could you tell me whereabouts in Kelsall you photographed the bird/s?

Many Thanks,

theconstantwalker said...

Alex. They are near Yeld Lane carpark. They have mostly been seen on the tree a hundred yards down the lane opposite the carpark and in the field to the right on the berries. Good luck.