Friday, 14 September 2012

A sick juvenile Blackbird in my garden........................................... Avian Pox?

I spotted this young Blackbird in the garden the other day and thought it looked a bit unusual.
It was only when I viewed it through my binoculars that I saw that it's eyes looked swollen.

I managed to capture a few images (over a couple of days).

This is the image above heavily cropped... it looks quite sore to me.
My guess is Avian Pox... I have been aware of it in the UK for a few years but have only seen examples in bird magazines... and mainly on the smaller garden birds.

 Both eye's are infected on this bird.

It doesn't appear to be bothering it too much and it was feeding... but I guess it does get worse.

I haven't seen this bird for a few days now but if it returns does anyone have any idea how/or if you can treat wild birds... according to the RSPB site you can't.
I have removed my feeders and am giving them a good clean... although due to squirrel damage most are quite new. Blackbirds are mainly ground feeders but it's well worth doing.

I really would love to hear your thought's on this subject... and sorry if you are a bit squeamish.


Findlay Wilde said...

Is there any medicine you could put in some food on the floor for him. From Findlay

grammie g said...

Hi Andrew...Poor fella, that does look sore!! Sondra at My Life My Art Blog has treated some birds on her own, but she is here!! I think she has commented on you blog before, maybe she will have an answer for you!

Bob Bushell said...

Poor thing Andrew, I can't help her I'm affraid.

Elizabeth Edwards said...

oh, no that is so sad, poor thing ... enjoy your weekend. (:

Pantherka said...

So it is sad Andrew ... :-(

Sondra said...

If this bird has conjunctivitis, as I suspect he does, you can treat it if you can catch it! I Have done this mannny times, in fact I just released a bird this week who was blind last week!
Email me at if you get the bird and I will be happy to tell you what I DO.

Brian King said...

I've never seen that before and don't know anything about it. Cleaning the feeders is probably a good precaution, though.

The Magical Christmas Wreath Company said...

How sad Andrew. I wonder if something like this would clear itself in time or not?

Ruby said...

Poor bird! Hope it gets better.