Thursday, 21 July 2011

Richmond......... Tower, Castle, Square and River

Richmond in North Yorkshire is a town of unique character and beauty which has changed little over the centuries.
The 15th century tower overlooking the Friary Memorial Gardens.
Richmond Castle.
Founded by the Normans in 1071 the town grew up around the castle built on the 'riche-mont' or 'strong-hill' that gave the town its name and whose massive keep dominates all other buildings around.
Many of the houses built at that time surround the cobbled market place said to be one of the largest in England with the Church of the Holy Trinity rising from its centre.
Castle Walk
The River Swale from the Castle Walk.

  The lovely River Swale flows below the castle walls.


texwisgirl said...

beautiful river. so interesting to see such 'ancient' structures there (as compared to the US).

1huanghui said...

Wow, I always keep wondering how you can find so much time to travel, it is so cool, it is always the life I want to live. To tour around and keep all the wonders in a camera. Fantastic! Greetings from China. is the site of my blog, welcome to have a look.

Marias Teater said...

Castels, old bridges and beautiful river - really nice tour!

joo said...

It's a beautiful place! I love the view of the bridge and the river.

grammie g said...

HI Andrew...high temperature again today with all kinds of weather related warnings out !!
You...yes you keep tempting with these lovely water scenes that make me want to jump right in!! LOL
Love it favorite is the wall with the flowers hanging out of it for photos,but love all the history hard to believe and so long ago ..we don't have that amazing history here!!
&heart; Grace

JM said...

That square is amazing! Now I want to visit Richmond and also hang out by the beautiful river.