Friday, 22 July 2011

Dorset...................... holiday memories from 2008

 I have edited all my old images and they have all been transferred safely onto the new PC.
  The rubbish that should have already been dealt with has been sent to the recycle bin.
Burton Bradstock was my home for a few days in 2008
 I had not seen most of them for ages and kept returning to view some of my holiday memories.
I have decided to add a few posts to share some of them.
The first is my trip in 2008 to the south coast of England and the wonderful landscape (and seascape) of the county of Dorset first visited as a child in 1965.
The beach below Burton Bradstock
The cliffs from the beach
This is Englands Jurassic Coast... fossils galore.
Chesil Beach shelters a brackish lagoon and is 18 miles in length.
A World Heritage Site.
The monument to Hardy... Captain of HMS Victory during the battle of Trafalger in 1805.
Lord Nelsons famous victory that cost him his life.
Lyme Regis... the harbour wall is known as The Cobb.
This is where Meryl Streep was filmed at the start of the French Lieutenants Woman.
Meryl Streep was here!!
Moreton Church... T.E.Lawrence is buried here.
He was better known as "Lawrence of Arabia"

I have really enjoyed looking through my digital memories
 I hope you enjoy them with me.


texwisgirl said...

wow. the shoreline, the cliffs and the lagoon shots look so beautiful and inviting. thanks for sharing these. you walked where meryl walked. :)

thanks for your well-wishes on the heat wave. yes it has been brutal for a big part of the country. i feel for those who are struggling to stay cool w/o A/C. at least in Texas we're better equipped to handle it since it's more 'normal' than other places...

Wanda said...

Those rugged cliffs are magnificent.

Jean said...

Andrew, I certainly have enjoyed! Thanks for sharing these interesting places.

lotusleaf said...

Themonument to Hardy is beautiful.

Bob Bushell said...

Nice photos, beautiful shores and Thomas Hardy, well I thought I'd add that one.

Sondra said...

you have vacationed in some awesome places all breath taking views! HOW cool to see T E Lawerence's Grave!!!

cieldequimper said...

Oh how wonderful. Reminds me of weekends spent in Dorset!

JM said...

I'm in awe at those cliffs, the shots are absolutely gorgeous!