Friday, 29 April 2011

The English Lake District.......... a lovely few days

Langdale Pikes from Elterwater seen on my journey to Keswick
I made the most of the Easter break plus the extra day off thanks to the Royal Wedding.
Eleven days off work with only three of my official days taken.
My best wishes to William and Kate.

Keswick Moot Hall stands in the market square.
Now the home of the Tourist Information Centre.
Castlerigg Stone Circle....erected around 3000 BC

Catbells....the hill to the left is the home of Mrs Tiggywinkle in Beatrice Potters lovely children stories.
Causey Pike is to the right a favourite climb of mine.
Rowing boats for hire stand in front of one of Keswicks tourist launches.
Causey Pike from the shoreline at Keswick
Friars Crag
The aptly named .....Surprise View
Ashness Bridge


texwisgirl said...

just gorgeous country! and i love those wooden boats! so pretty!

JM said...

Awesome shots of a wonderful place!

Calling Ravens said...

Wow-how beautiful and your photos are beautiful also! The mountains are just breathtaking. If it were me, it would be terribly hard to leave!
Hope you had a marvelous holiday!

Gary said...

Another great tour Andrew. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Marias Teater said...

How wonderful and harmonic country - in oposite to London today! I have been visiting such a stone circle in Poland - I shudder to think of it! Very impressive. Continue your holliday - I hope the weather is great!

grammie g said...

Hi glad you had such a wonderful visit, and what a gorgeous place !!
Love how you have the most interesting tid-bits in your post like the hill.. Catbells.. home of Mrs Tiggywinkle : } Beatrice Potter.. wonderful!!
The Surprise View is spectacular, truely lovely !!
A row around the lake would be very special, especially if I didn't have to do the rowing lol

Valerie said...

The Lake District does have spectacular views. I like the Surprise View.

cielle said...

Beautiful scenery... I love these places.. a really breath f fresh air.. I love the boats per se... Love sailing...^_^

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jerzy said...

You got a great shots in there! Lovely place... Me too cielle... I love sailing!
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