Friday, 7 January 2011

Sandiway................................................................ the village of my childhood

The Blue Cap Hotel c1910
(built in 1716)
The Blue Cap Hotel c2000
The Blue Cap Hotel 2010
History of the village
click on the link to view the village website
The Round Tower
History of the Round Tower
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After revisiting the village and woodlands of my childhood last weekend (see the last 2 posts) and writing about the famous local foxhound I thought I would post some more info about the Cheshire village I grew up in. I mentioned the local hostelry had it's name changed to honour the dog Blue Cap and have added some old images and a link to the history of the area. The statue of Bluecap on top of the hotel sign is now a feature inside the building and the monument to Bluecap in the image above is at the kennels. The Round Tower is the symbol of the village and is only a few yards up the road from the Blue Cap Hotel which is on the busy Chester / Manchester A556. Our house was just a couple of hundred yards away in the other direction.


Gary said...

What a wonderful tour, and that pub is sure worth
touring. Keep up the effort. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River.

grammie g said...

Hi Andrew..What wonderful history there is in your part of the world, and to have grow up in this interesting area!!
I would imagine as a kid this didn't matter much at all to you : }} least I know things like that never seemed inportant until I got older!!
Hope your having a good weekend!!