Wednesday, 5 October 2016

More images.............................................................. of the Tatton Park Red Deer

A few more deer images I captured the other day... weather permitting I will be there back tomorrow.

This big fella was running up and down chasing off young stags.

He was protecting his small harem.

It should be fun to watch when some of the other big stags get involved.

Lovely animals to watch... from a distance.

Or close up if you bump into one in the woodlands.

 Tatton Park is also home to a herd of Fallow Deer.

A bit shyer than the Reds... this one strutted slowly up to me before deciding to rush past.

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Sandra said...

to me they are just plain Awe Inspiring.. so beautiful.

Brian King said...

Fantastic looking stags! Or "bucks" as we call them in the US. Beautiful deer!

Margaret Birding For Pleasure said...

Wonderful to see these animals in the flash. Hope you see andvideo the rutting

Unknown said...

Tatton Park is a fantastic place to visit ! Beautiful scenery everywhere , excellent walking environment. Ample toilet and eating places. Souvenir hunters will not be disappointed and all costs throughout the entire site are very fair !!

However, it would just be like any other stately home - with a huge mansion and elegant gardens :- without THE MAGNIFICENT RED DEER STAGS proudly strutting their stuff.

My lasting memory from last year has to be the sight of the ' DADDY OF ALL STAGS '
proudly sitting on the brow of a hill , with all his mates and potential enemies way below. Together with the large surrounding lakes and beautiful countryside , it was the most beautiful spectacle !

Sharon Wagner said...

They all have magnificent racks! Wow.

eileeninmd said...

Hello, they are all gorgeous deer. Wonderful photos.

Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

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