Saturday, 24 September 2011

Premiership Football......................................... a visit to Manchester City

Good friends of mine are away on holiday this week...on the lovely Greek island of Rhodes.
I was asked if I would like to use a season ticket going begging for today's match between Manchester City and Everton. I love football (soccer) and played the game into my 40's so although not a supporter of either team I took up the offer of a freebie....why wouldn't I.
I only had my little Casio "point and shoot" with me but it's a great little camera.
The stadium was built for the Commonwealth Games held in Manchester during 2002.
 Manchester City are now owned by Sheik Mansour of Abu Dhabi whose trillion dollar wealth makes them the richest sports club on the planet.
I got there early... as I wasn't too sure were to go.
I probably had one of the best seats in the stadium.
I was sat right next to the home players dugout.
The ground soon filled up as kick off approached.
The press photographers made me think of birdwatchers chasing a rarity...
We have had a Sandhill Crane blown over from North America in the UK recently.

 Lancashire Cricket Club (HQ in Manchester) have won the County Championship for the first time in 77 years... They were applauded at half time while showing off the trophy.
The good old British Bobby.... keeping law and order in check.
21 year old Mario Balotelli came off the bench to score the opening goal.
He cost £24 million ($37million) from Inter Milan... Italy.
The two Argentinians sat next to me on the bench (Aguero nearest to me had just been subbed) cost Manchester City £85million that's $132million... a frightening amount of money.
They all earn six figure sums....... a week!!!!!
Manchester City won 2-0... I thought Everton deserved something from the game.
Not the best football match I have ever watched but a decent start to my week off work.
The Casio takes decent little video clips... a view of my day out.

My team beat Wolverhampton Wanderers. 2-1.... I support Liverpool.
Owned by the same group as the Boston Red Sox who thankfully wrestled it from Tom Hicks once of the Texas Rangers... his only motivation was to make money...he failed.
You'll never walk alone...


Bob Bushell said...

How much was he worth it, millions of "pounds". Yuk. I am stuck in thewest of England, but, I have always been a Liverpool supporter as well. Nice photos of the wealthy.

TexWisGirl said...

i'm not big into sports, but i've enjoyed going to see a few games of American football, baseball, basketball and hockey - if nothing else to see the stadiums/arenas and the fans. love the london bobbies...

Horst in Edmonton said...

Wow, are your football (soccer) games ever noisy, Very different from North American (football) game. Here we only get noisy when we have a goal or a close call, nothing like your UK games.

ADRIAN said...

Not my thing but it was good to see it. Nice day for a match.

JM said...

Great coverage, Andrew!