Friday, 2 September 2011

Attempts to freeze wildlife @ 2fps.. OK it's a rant!

This post is a bit of a rant... sorry it's a bit more than's a real rant about some really bad service.
I say service loosely as I still haven't had any... or even much communication.
How long does it take to mend a camera?
A modern digital camera which is still a fairly recent model.
A Nikon D5000.
My Dslr stopped working on July 6th... I was due to leave for a well planned holiday all based around sharing images of some of wonderful wildlife and landscape/seascape of North Wales (the rant is building I can feel it)... I was in a panic, my plans were in tatters as I drove home from my little trip to capture birds at Shakerley Mere.
I had had a dream about my camera failing the night before.I woke up as if in a nightmare. I really did...looking back it is very freaky.
I went online to Nikon's UK website...a chance to recover the situation...they had a recommended repair centre in Stoke on Trent..less than 30 miles away..quick phone call with the question?
"can you repair my camera in the next couple of days"..the reply was encouraging "we may be able to, bring it in and we will have a look" I jumped in the car and was there within the hour.
The camera had stopped working and I had it at a repairer recommended on the Nikon website within 2 hours
Not bad.... I thought.
 As I passed my camera over I was then told it may take 7 days before a quote for the repair would available. "OK" I said but can you at least try to save my holiday trip and make it a priority.
I waited for some news but as time was running out I purchased a used Nikon D60 via arrived next day..wonderful service..but I only took a few pictures and they all had a few blobs on the images...just dust on the sensor?.. I posted it back same day for a refund.
After another troll through EBay I spotted an as new Nikon refurbished D40...six months guarantee.
Bought and received just 20 minutes before I left for my revised (and shortened) holiday.
My first image with the Nikon D40 was taken on the 13th of July the D5000 expired on the 6th.
I had a lovely few days in North Yorkshire an the D40 took some lovely landscape images.
I am writing this post on the 1st of September.
It's seven weeks since I took the D5000 in for repair.
I contacted the repairers by email on the 25th July as I heard nothing only to be told they had posted an estimate (snail mail) on the 13th (this has never arrived).

I gave them my email address and phone number... why would you stick a stamp on an envelope?
I accepted the quote and gave the go ahead for the repair and left it for a couple of weeks before emailing again then phoning  only to get an answering machine promising to get back to me. They did on the fourth attempt..."waiting for parts" was the reply.
By now it was late August...Birdfair was upon us and my first visit was to view the Nikon Stand.
Very helpful... parts are plentiful for your D5000 and usually dispatched within a couple of days.
"Your repairer is Nikon trained but is independent so not within our control... it does seem a bit too long though...I would try to be a bit firmer with your emails"
Email sent voicing my concern 23rd August... reply received on the 24th.
copied and pasted from the original.
" We fitted the parts,but the camera wouldn't "set-up",so we consulted Nikon and they advised that we needed to send it to them,which we have now done.As soon as it is returned from them,we will be in touch with you"
So I wait with baited breath... I have no gripe with Nikon and I love their products...
I haven't named the repairer... although mentioning Stoke on Trent it wouldn't take Sherlock Holmes very long to discover who they are.
I will be printing off a copy of this post to send to them....and Nikon.

Once I have my camera back.... I hope get better images than these...
...the best I could manage at 2 frames per second.
A little bit off my chest... but the story continues....


TexWisGirl said...

as i'm reading this, the back of my mind is telling me "maybe time to switch to canon..." ha! but my lenses wouldn't fit...

this is really, truly, ridiculously lousy service, andrew! that shop should be ashamed of themselves! communication is key to any relationship - be it retail or otherwise.

Marias Teater said...

What a story, but unfortunately typical for all kind of reparations of technical equipment. I am so sorry for you, Andrew. I can only wish this nightmare ends soonest. We have to get you back happy, taking your journeys and photographing for all your followers and off course, yourself. Have a nice weekend, even it is without your Nikon D5000.

Bob Bushell said...

I don't want to upset you, but, I had a lens which needed repair. I waited for 5 months, and I made plenty of telephone calls (my money)to when it would get it. After 5 months, it was lost in a fire at their factory. They said they would replace it. It took me 6 months to get it. There you are, I told you would be upset.

grammie g said...

Hi Andrew...So sorry that I didn't get a post out to just let blog friends know I am fine!!
Didn't know I was that popular lol!!
I had loss of electric power for over 3 days and it came back on and we lost the Internet...I am not complaining it could have been so much worse!!
This camera ordeal is just a should have been notified before they sent your camera of to Nikon...that is not right!!
I do hope this all works out for you!!

I love your post's...your stories and photo's are always enjoyable !!

Thanks for your concern
♥ Grace

Pantherka said...

I'm sorry Andrew. It shows that services operate in exactly the same everywhere. Good luck!

Sylvia K said...

I do so relate to your problem, Andrew! I won't go into my story, but I finally changed to a Canon Power Shot and I've had nothing but pleasure since! I knew nothing about cameras up until I began blogging -- still don't know much. Hope things work out quickly. Thank you for visiting my blog and I'm so glad I found yours! It's marvelous! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Sinbad and I on the Loose said...

I often wonder, what happens with our equipment to be repaired? Does it just languish on a shelf for days and days until some lackey picks it up to take a look at it? I took in a 400mm Sigma lens for repair. "4 to 6 weeks." After 4 weeks I checked in to see how things are going. "It has only been 4 weeks. Check back with us in 2 weeks." At the 6 week mark I checked back. "They are having trouble getting it apart. We'll call you at the end of the week." I asked if we'd have it back by the end of August (4 weeks away) before we take off on a trip. "Oh, no problem." At the end of that week, no word. They called in the middle of the next. "They can't fix it." It is now September and no lens, fix or unfixed. We're in the 12th week. You could build a lens in that time. In your case, build a new Nikon D5000...or even dozens of them. Anyway, mine is not a rant. More like, it happens to all of us. BTW, pictures look nice.

Red Nomad OZ said...

I bet your story will continue to be 'continuing' ... wish I could say it was different downunder here in OZ, but sadly no. My 20 yo film point & click camera can be repaired - but won't be because of 'new technology'. My partner's 2 yo digital camera takes average pix compared to my film camera - but they won't repair it because it's 'old technology'!! This 'better' technology is a big lie!!

Try to have a good weekend anyway ...

Jean said...

Andrew, I hope you get justice for the having to deal with this "run-around". Grrrr
At least got a camera that took these great pics! The bee looks like our Bumble Bees! Do y'all have Bumble Bees??? Hugs...

Indrani said...

My Canon DSLR, now 3+ has started showing some deadly symptoms. It is still functioning, now I dread to part with it for repairs. Hope you get yours back soon.

forgetmenot said...

Everybody needs to "rant" once and a while--and you certainly had cause. You did take some lovely photos though--beautiful flowers and landscapes. Have a nice weekend. Mickie :)

Emille said...

Sure hope you'll get your camera back soon! It seems to me they're a little slow!

ADRIAN said... would probably be quicker just to replace it.......cheaper as well no doubt.
Good luck, it sounds as if you are going to need it.

The Herald said...

I'm sorry to hear about your camera problems Andrew. It seems that in this fast moving techno (sorry I couldn't spell technological) age repairing things is always less of an urgent priority. I bet the shop would be all too keen to sell you a new camera though, and promise you all the guarantees under the sun!

I'd like to say that you Can(on) do better, but I guess all companies are the same these days. Thankfully I haven't had any problems yet (touch wood!).

I hope it's all sorted soon for you. [;o)

Magia da Inês said...

º° ✿✿♥ ° ·.
Olá, amigo!
Que chateação... mas agora já está tudo resolvido, não é?
Bom fim de semana!
º° ✿✿♥ ° ·.

Jackie said...

Well I like your photographs, even if you are not satified with them, especially the last three. I hope you enjoyed your holdiday in my part of the world.
Where is the lighthouse in your header photo? It reminds me of the one in Mull of Galloway.
I hope you get your camera back soon. If I can ever go for a better one, I'll go for a Canon too I think.

Denise said...

That's awful!!! So sorry Andrew, hope you get your camera back very soon. I'm afraid to let mine go, especially after reading this horror story. I did enjoy your photos here.

Adam Tilt said...

I feel for you Andrew. Breakdowns are actually one of the reasons I keep putting off moving over to a DSLR. Hope it gets fixed soon.

JM said...

A not uncommon story, Andrew... The dandelion and bee shots are just wonderful.

Fábio Martins said...

Beautiful set! Nice pictures

cieldequimper said...

Sounds very much like the XXIst century to me... Remember one doesn't repair anymore?

Your photos are very good though, I wish I could be in North Wales!