Friday, 15 July 2011

Brimham Rocks....................................................... a spectacular landscape

I travelled home this morning after a couple of days in the Yorkshire Dales a beautiful part of England especially when the sun shines as it did all through my visit.

A big thank you to Anne and her family... lovely hosts.
I stayed for two nights above her Sweet Shop!..yes a Sweet Shop!
 (Candy Store! lol... Google Translate couldn't do this one)

 Anne runs a lovely little shop selling all sorts of delightful goods designed to brighten up any home and an old fashioned Sweet Shop and the sweets in a jar sold by weight was my highlight.
I should add her husband is a Chiropodist to explain "Toes R Us"

Brimham Rocks
At a height of over 300 meters the view was spectacular
My journey home took me through Nidderdale and the lovely market town of Pateley Bridge.
I have always wanted to see Brimham Rocks so now was my chance.
I wasn't disappointed I hope you enjoy my images of this natural weather worn landscape.
A lovely spot for a picnic
 Dancing Bear
An amazing collection of weird and wonderful rock formations which makes a great day out for families, climbers and those wanting to enjoy the simple pleasures of fresh air and magnificent views over Nidderdale.

The rocks were first formed 320 million years ago, when grit and sand washed through the area.
 As the layers of grit and sand built up, in addition to rock crystals and quartz, a sandstone known as Millstone Grit was formed. As they eroded over the years, all sorts of unique shapes were created, making the rocks decidedly quirky and unique.

Idol Rock
200 tons of rock balanced on a tiny plinth.
It is one of Earths most balanced rocks.
I had some fun at Idol Rock as some of the visitors were being photographed underneath it.
A casual comment as I passed "it's got to collapse one day" had them scrambling for safety.
Made me laugh!
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grammie g said...

HI devilish fellow you...but I laughed also...You wouldn't have seen me under that rock!!
What amazing formation those rocks are...I can't believe that rock is on that little pedestal of a rock...crazy!!
So glad you had a few good days away !!
That photo of where you stayed sure is colorful!!
Toes R us ??? Wobbly dogs?? .... my favorite soft ice cream!!
♥ Grace

texwisgirl said...

thanks for explaining the Toes R Us. ha ha! i was wondering. what a cool business - an old-fashioned sweet shop. love it.

those rocks look like giant chess pieces or something. pretty amazing. and no, i wouldn't be posing under any of them either...

missing moments said...

love it "toes are us" ....
I could never own a sweet shop ... I'd eat all my profits
love the rocks!

Barb said...

That sweet shop is a dream . . . and that rock - amazing! thanks for the great tour!

ADRIAN said...

Thank you.........another place added to the list of go and sees.

Frank said...

Living over a Sweetie Shop .. just don't tell the dentist!!

Amazing rock formations ... facinating effects of nature at work over the decades.

JM said...

Amazing rock formations! The Idol Rock is unbelievable. Love these shots.

Dianne said...

That Sweet shop is my idea of Heaven. Love the Toes r us name. Glad you had a good time.