Thursday, 30 June 2011

Reed Bunting................................ Rodeo Riding!!

Reed Bunting
 (Emberiza schoeniclus)
Please click on the image to view the clip

As I watched over Neumanns Flash at the weekend from one of the hides a Reed Bunting landed on the branch of a sapling right in front of me. It was very windy but he hung on to his perch long enough for me to get a clip.
The clip below is my out take... but I just had to show it.

"Ride 'em cowboy"... yee-hah!!!

Please click on the links below to view the videos full size on youtube.
I am still having problems uploading to Blogger.


texwisgirl said...

ha ha! yee-haw!!! texas is rubbing off on you!

Hilke Breder said...

Great videos, Andrew, this one and the one of the tern colony. Love the comparison with the bird riding a bucking horse!

grammie g said...

Hi are so cute with your titles lol
I wonder what there thinking when there doing that bobbing up and down?? they enjoy it or perhaps that's just life to them ...looks like fun to me lol
Cute video Andrew..have a good weekend!!
♥ Grace

Calling Ravens said...

Great videos and the bird is just beautiful!

Frank said...

Ride em cowboy ... nice one Andrew. Also enjoyed reviewing the posts on your Anglesey trip.

NicoleB said...

Nice & fitting title :D
Amazing to watch :D

JM said...

Rodeo Riding! Very funny! :-)

It seems uploading photos is not an easy task for many of us in the last couple of days!

Bob Bushell said...

A lovely Reed Bunting, Keep on bouncing.

Marias Teater said...

How funny! And lovely and what a bird that is just riding and not giving up.
And thank you so much for your kind comment - you know, when you plan your trip to Norway, ask us - we help you to make a smart shedule. Have a great weekend

ShySongbird said...

My goodness, that was windy!! Such a smart bird I always think. Smart in the other sense too, in that it managed to hang on to the bucking bronco :)