Friday, 10 June 2011

A lovely encounter with............. a Homing Pigeon

As I left for work the other morning I spotted what I thought was a Feral Pigeon in the garden next door... the first I had seen in the six years I have lived here.

On arriving home I was surprised to see the same bird in my garden foraging under the feeders... a closer look showed the pigeon had two coloured rings on it's legs.
A Homing/Racing Pigeon either lost or just resting in my garden.

I scattered some seed on the patio and it immediately tucked in, even feeding from my hand much to the annoyance of the Woodpigeons.
This is my garden...clear off !!
I'm not kidding...get out!!
 As I write this post it is now day three of it's stay but when approached this evening it took to the air and I watched it fly around a few times (hopefully getting it's bearings) then disappear over the rooftops.
It's lovely to think the birds enjoy my " Bird Motel " for a stopover.


Carole said...

Their colors are so pretty aren't they?

Interesting about the bands on its legs. Perhaps it was banded to keep track of its migration patterns?

Nice that you could help it out with food and lodging while on its journey. :-)

texwisgirl said...

I agree with Carole. Nice that it found some refuge and food with you. Your wood pigeon was definitely not happy. :)

JM said...

There are so many pigeons around my house that I really don't care about them, they are dirty and don't allow me to have a bird feeder - actually they are a plague! - but these two species look really beautiful! You have a great bird resort out there! :-)

phylliso said...

How special you must feel that he felt he could rest there with you,lovely post,phyllis

Leontien said...

If i was a bird i would love your birdmotel!!!

Thanks and the pics are great!

Arija said...

That was so sweet. It reminded me of a time when one came to our yard and tried to take possession of me, drop a wing and round me up for a try of the swan to my Leda. He would attack anyone else who came towards me and although we drove him a good 100 miles away, he returned the next day. He was really obsessed with me until we took him even further away and we finally had peace in our garden and my cries of 'rape' no longer rent the air.

dreamfalcon said...

Love the expression of a Bird Motel :)

grammie g said...

Hi Andrew...Have you missed my comments??? I am back for how long I don't know!!
I wish I could tell you here but it is such a crazy mess with IE9 browser to explain..tried to email you of your profile but it didn't work!!
I just loved the video and laughed so at the chose of music..he looked like he was moving to dear old Alfred's theme song!!
Your a good motel proprietor!!
♥ Grace ..hope all is fine with you!!