Saturday, 21 May 2011

Manchester........................................ a lovely day

I live 25 miles south of the city of Manchester... my son Craig lives 11 miles away to the north.
I have just had a lovely afternoon catching up with our first get together since his wedding in March.
Craig went to University in Manchester and these meetings used to be common place so we both had a nice time reminiscing.
A few new buildings have sprung up since we last met.
 I know building plots are scarce but this Holiday Inn was built on the smallest plot I have ever seen.

Manchester's newest Holiday Inn
Flatter than New York's Flat Iron

Land is expensive so old buildings get a new hat
Craig is doing the Three Peaks Challenge which means climbing the highest mountain in Scotland Ben Nevis driving south to climb the highest peak in England Scafell Pike then on to Wales to ascent Snowdon all within 24 hours in the aid of charity.
I was asked to advise on some footwear and waterproofs and I think we got some bargains that should give a few years service if he isn't put off hillwalking forever after this event.
We have done Snowdon and Ben Nevis together before his 12th birthday but somehow we never got around to climbing to the highest point of the county of his birth.
Manchester has a big wheel and the views are fantastic.

The local RSPB have set up scopes so the public can view the breeding Peregrine Falcons.
Bald bloke looking for the resident Peregrine Falcons...
Yes it's me
Manchester is buzzing.
The two local soccer teams have between them won the two major trophies in England. 
League Champions Manchester United are also in the European Cup Final against Barcelona of Spain next weekend which just happens to played in England this year at Wembley Stadium in London.

This busker in St Annes Square was amazing.

Manchester has some beautiful buildings and I will be adding some more info soon.

This building will soon house the National Football Museum
Soccer to my friends over the pond.

 At 47 floors high the Beetham Tower is Europe's highest residential building.
The first 23 floors are Manchester's Hilton Hotel.


texwisgirl said...

you made me laugh with the 'bald bloke' comment. :) wow! i hope your son has plenty of energy! yikes! young and foolish :)

Nancy said...

Love this architecture, Andrew. We have nothing like this in Nebraska. :)

Gary said...

Great tour Andrew. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

grammie g said...

Hi Andrew..playing catch up ..was away over the weekend to attend my granddaughter's graduation from college...
Anything of high height I don't do....except mountain climbing then I don't always look down lol
About balding that's really why I don't do height's...the glare of the tops is blinding lol .. just teasing Andrew ♥!!
Nothing wrong with that, they say that's the sign of a great thinkers, and some other things I won't mention here!!lol
The gentlemen singing in the square has a fabulous voice..loved it!!
I went to my 9 year old grandson's soccer game (he scored a goal)and his baseball game on Saturday, he is a great pitcher!!