Monday, 2 May 2011

Beautiful scenery..... and a lovely bird the Osprey

My Easter Break
 During breakfast on thursday morning the couple sitting at the next table arrived quite late for their meal.
Our host Tina thought they had overslept.......she was wrong.
They had been out since 6.15am to watch Otters at Bassenthwaite and had great views of them from a small bird hide I was totally unaware of.

The Bowder Stone

 I had a tour in my car this morning driving down to Borrowdale
 First stop was to view the Bowder Stone.
The Bowder Stone stands 30ft high and weighing over 2000 tons was believed to have fallen from the cliffs above.
It is now known to be of Scottish granite carried down by glaciers during the ice age.
A great tourist attraction since Victorian times.

My journey then took me over Honister Pass.... a steep climb of 1167ft dropping down to Buttermere
A jewel of a lake surrounded by the Western Fells.

Honister Pass is a real challenge for motorists
Buttermere is my favourite place.
A lovely four mile walk around the lake surrounded by mountains.
Buttermere flows into Crummock Water

I enjoyed my drive over Honister Pass down to Buttermere.
My route then took me past Crummock Water then I headed back to Keswick via Whinlatter Forest.
After a look around the forest visitor centre I pulled over to see the lovely view over Lake Bassenthwaite.

Lake Bassentwaite and Skiddaw
  Thinking back to that morning discussion I decided to seek out the hide on the lake shore.
The car park was easily found and a short walk through woodlands took me under the A66 highway to a gate and the shore of the lake.

 I was not alone two birders with scopes were scanning the skies and a couple of photographers were sat patiently hoping to capture images of the Ospreys that had returned from West Africa.

I stood in the shade of a large tree watching Little Ringed Plovers on the waters edge.
Then we spotted a large bird close by and initially thought it was a Buzzard. As it started to manoeuvre over the lake my dream of seeing an Osprey fishing became reality. Watching through my binoculars I had a great view of this wonderful bird dive down and pluck a fairly big fish from the water.


As it flew off with it's catch I managed a record shot with my camera which only had my travel zoom fitted 18-200mm but hey-ho these moments stay with you forever.

More beautiful birds can be viewed on World Bird Wednesday click the image below.
For more images of my trip to the beautiful English Lake District please read the last 3 posts.


texwisgirl said...

but at least you got to see him! :)

i like the ribbon of road meandering thru that one shot!

Calling Ravens said...

Oh how fantastic for you and congrats!! The area looks beautiful and I do envy your sighting of the osprey!

Bob Bushell said...

Beautiful effects.

Gary said...

Really something to see isn't it Andrew!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

grammie g said...

HI Andrew...I'm still wanting to go
No rich relatives to leave any fortune, changes of winning the lottery "zilch"
Oh well I am enjoying it through your descriptive words and photos...
Amazing little tree growing on that huge rock...,and that road oh was your stomach after all that swishing and swaying!! lol
Congrat's on that record shot...I'm so glad you enjoyed!! Take care ♥ ~~ Grace

Denise said...

Brilliant! How exciting to see such a beautiful bird actually fishing. We've found some wonderful spots from fellow tourists only too willing to share these special spots that we would never know about otherwise. Your photos are a joy to see Andrew. Thank you!

Dave said...

Well done Andrew. Great images of some stunning countryside, the Osprey image is just showing off on your part...


leschornmom said...

Once again your pictures astound me! Love the stories that come with them. I am very intrigued by by the Bowder Stone! Are people allowed to climb the ladder attached?

Fjällripan said...

Beautiful photos of your nature! and the osprey must have been amazing to see! :)

mick said...

Beautiful scenery. Your photos are great. Really good to see and photograph the Osprey.

BirdingMaine said...

Excellent captures Andrew! Great post.

Ryan Ankeny said...

Looks like a beautiful place. It's interesting to see how much that stone has changed over time.

Inger-M said...

Beautiful images! I was lucky enough to visit Keswick and the Lake District in the early 70's when I spent 5 months near Carnforth. It's such a lovely part of England, and I'm long overdue for another visit :-)

eileeninmd said...

Lovely scenic photos, Looks like a wonderful place to visit. Great sighting of the osprey. said...

What beautiful countryside Andrew! That Bowder Stone is really intriguing. Then you get to see the Osprey catch a fish! Great post!

Springman said...

Hey Andrew, those landscapes are beautiful. It is so flat around here. Great to see those sights! To have it all topped off by an osprey nabbing a fish is great. The Bowder stone is good luck?

NicoleB said...

Awww..... thanks for the lovely tour through this beautiful piece of earth!
Ospreys are gorgeous. Some of my favorite birds too :-)
Haven't seen one fishing yet, but managed to watch a couple on a rock for a long time in South Sinai & one munching on a fish up in a communications tower :-).
Yes, no matter how the photo looks, it brings back a reminder of the moment. And this one's proof that you saw him with that huge fish :-D

Fotokarusellen said...

Really a great post. To see the Osprey fishing is almost to good to be true. A great shot.

Stewart M said...

Ah, more shots from The Lakes, are you trying to break my heart!!

I notice in some other comments that you mention black swans in your neck of the woods - have they become a "British Bird"?

Cheers Stewart M - Australia

NatureFootstep said...

Ospreys are special birds to me. Ever since I saw them right above my head when I was sitting in a kayak, I loved them. Oh, no, I did not fall into the water. :)

Øyvind Buljo said...

Some really nice landscapes you've got, it seems to me there is more to England than London and other big cities :) And with birds like that, the experience is complete! Makes me want to visit your country ;)

jo©o said...

Can't tell you what these pictures do to me:
My heart aches seeing what I'm missing.
And the weather being so perfect and all.
Lucky you.
Perfect memento pictures.

Leonora said...

Beautiful scenery! Looks a bit like Norway :-)What a luck to see the Osprey, nice surprise.

Jean said...

I really like the Bowder Stone now and then photos. Congrats on the sighting and shot of Osprey with the fish!:)

chubskulit said...

Such gorgeous captures.

My Skywatch, please come and see.

Ishtar said...

What a lovely world, and beautiful skies!