Sunday, 17 April 2011

Chester Cathedral...............................................Everest and a brave VC

Chester Cathedral is a beautiful building and has a long and interesting history.
As a child visiting with my parents I always ran to see the picture painted on a spiders web.

The inscription on the picture
I read in a walking magazine a few years ago about a memorial to George Mallory who in 1924 perished attempting to climb Mount Everest with Andrew (Sandy) Irvine.
Mallory was born in Mobberley Cheshire and his famous quote when asked why he wanted to climb the mountain  "because it's there" has always been an inspiration for me.
They were last seen a few hundred yards from the summit and to this day there is speculation that they may have been the first summiteers on the planets highest mountain.
George Mallory's body was discovered in 1999.

George Mallory
The memorial is on a window in the cloisters. I had to search it out as the guides were totally unaware of it....

The boy who won a Victoria Cross
John "Jack" Cornwell
The other story told in the Cathedral is that of  Jack Cornwell who was awarded the Victoria Cross posthumously. The lad only 16 years old remained at his gun post during the Battle of Jutland on HMS Chester despite being badly wounded. He later died of his injuries. Jack was a Boy Scout and the Cornwell badge is the highest accolade a scout can achieve. He was commemorated on a postage stamp in the UK in 2006.

Mementos on display
An orchestra was practicing.......lovely music to accompany my visit
Stained glass window
Flags of the Cheshire Regiment
Consistory Court
The oldest complete example of an ecclesiastical courtroom in the country dating from 1635
A model of the Cathedral at the entrance.


Gary said...

Keep up the tours Andrew, I feel like I'm there. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

texwisgirl said...

An amazing structure! The stained glass is extraordinary! The VC lad story...sad. I wonder how many 16 yr olds today would go to such measures...

I'm glad you showed the explanation on the painting on the web. I've never heard of it!

Marianne, aka Ranger Anna said...

What a fantastic visit! I was happy to be able to "go" along with you.

grammie g said...

HI blow me away with all this wonderful history!!
Your photo of the inside of the cathedral with the orchestra playing is wonderful and a real marvel, and the stained glass is beautiful!
I have heard the comment" because it's there" before!!
The spider web painting is precious, unbelievable is what it is, never have heard of anything like that!!
Two courage men you introduced, and a thank you to a very nice guy to share this history with us...truely enjoyable....thanks again Grace

Dave said...

Great history! Thanks!