Sunday, 20 March 2011

A perfect day........................... for a lovely couple

My son Craigs wedding yesterday was blessed with sunny weather, a beautiful church service and a fantastic reception at a stunning location deep in the Cheshire countryside.
Craig and Eleanor the newly weds
Sorry kids you won't escape the confetti !

The carriage awaits......
......the happy couple
Arriving at Rookery Hall
 Canapes and drinks on the terrace...
...while being entertained by the string quartet who also supplied the music in church.
Eleanor with all her lovely bridesmaids.
beautiful sisters...
Speeches made with the aid of big screen images
The speeches by Craigs best friends were very entertaining and with the use of two big screens in the room we saw some very embarrassing moments of his life

One of the better images shown.....Craigs graduation
His response though was brilliant.....walking around the room with a remote mike in his hand and talking with so much confidence.
Here is some of his speech.

The disco later was buzzing..............a great evening for was had by all.
So please raise your glass to a lovely couple Eleanor and Craig


Gary said...

Great series and congratulations from Boom & I at the Vermilon River, Canada.

joo said...

My best wishes to a young couple!
Sto lat!!!!

grammie g said...

Hi Andrew...Beautiful,beautiful, wedding !!
Eleanor,looks like a real gem..gorgeous bride. The Groom handsome chap...with his Dad's since of humour it seems lol I do believe you had tears in your eyes, it's a very mixed emotional time !!
Thanks for sharing this special occasions!!
Best wishes to you all!!
PS.. you did a good job with the video!!

phylliso said...

What a beautiful wedding!It WAS a perfect day.Congrats to the beautiful couple,now you have a new member to your family!Thanks for sharing the lovely day,the countryside is just beautiful,phyllis

Sondra said...

Congratulations to the happy couple! I hope they have a fulfilling and happy marriage-
Excellent wedding!

Andrew said...

Many thanks for all your lovely comments.

Jean said...

What a wonderful Wedding and Celebration!
You have a fine looking son and a beautiful daughter-in-law. Cheers to the Couple!!!