Sunday, 23 January 2011

Monument to a Foxhound........................................................... Bluecap

The resting place of Bluecap
Cheshire Hunt Kennels
My favourite Conker Tree in the 1960's
I went back to Sandiway today to get a picture of the memorial of the foxhound Bluecap. As kids we used to collect conkers (Horse Chestnuts) from the big tree in the stable yard and often got chased away by the kennel staff.
 I was prepared to ask for permission to enter the kennels (now defunct as fox hunting with hounds is now banned in the UK) but there was no one around so I had a wander around just as we used to 45 years ago. The clock on the stable has a sign saying it had been reconditioned in 1961 funded by members of the Cheshire Hunt.
 Just past this building is the memorial to Bluecap and what a grand memorial it is.
 There is a plaque on the stone telling the story of the dog but I found it very hard to read as it is over 250 years old and written in hand script.
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grammie g said...

Hi Andrew ...What an interesting childhood you must have had!!
With all those memories... just to walk around the area...very historic looking, and of course it is!!
Thanks for sharing!!

theconstantwalker said...

Thanks Grammie I have some brilliant memories of this lovely place. It was all a long time ago but revisiting has brought it all back.