Sunday, 26 December 2010

Boxing Day.... the freeze continues.......................

Goldfinch in the frost
Goldfinch (Carduelis carduelis)
I have had no running water for four days now as the main feed into my home has frozen. We have had constant temperatures well below -10c overnight for over a week now in Northwich although it is forecast to warm up from tomorrow onwards. Fingers crossed I don't get a burst.....The Goldfinch in the picture was taken at 11am this morning and the temperature outside is currently -5c. Not quite as cold when compared to Christmas Day.


Gary said...

Andrew: You need to talk to your municipal engineers about the depth of lines. They must be below the frost or in your case potential frost line. Your goldfinches are different from ours; with that red flash. They're beauties. Re: the pipes I'll loan you Boom to have a nice brisk conversation with your engineers, I'm sure he will explain it well.

Dixxe said...

OH bummer-sometimes the lines to our bath tub freeze so I have to place a 60 watt buld next to the outdoor facuet to keep that from happening---its a pain because I have to check it everyday in case the bulb blows out so I can replace it-
I hope you dont get a burst---fingers crossed.
I Love the Goldfinches with the red faces here ours have Black on the heads. Similar but different.

theconstantwalker said...

Thanks Gary and Dixxe.
Many thanks for your advice and best wishes.
I have just read that yesterday (Christmas Day) was our coldest in the UK since 1890.
Gary.I will borrow Boom just to cuddle up to at night to keep warm.

grammie g said...

Hi Andrew...Wow no water ...that bites!!
Love the goldfinch photo..what we call a goldfinch here looks nothing like your's. Yours is very colorful!!
We are having a major snow storm tonight...blizzard force winds and at least 12 inch of snow is expected. Temperatures here are at 18f. at the moment. I think that is maybe around -7c I have a hard time trying to remember how it works.: }
Who cares it still cold!
I have my own well and water supply and here in Maine we can get pretty darn cold.. it can be at times my pipes are pretty deep in the ground!!
Hope your situation gets better!!

JM said...

Now that looks cold!... Fantastic captures.